2:30 PM Classes

2:30 PM Camp Meeting Workshops


Discovering Christ's Method

(M-Th) Ad Building #7

Josh Vazquez will help you unpack the framework for ministering with Christ’s method alone through wellness coaching for effective evangelism and outreach.


Growing Grace, Fostering Empathy

Littlejohn Hall #1

Instructional coach Sheri Crooker shares about an ongoing brain study that reveals how trauma chemically disrupts the developing brain and may cause a lifetime of misbehavior and poor health effects. Class topics will cover how we can treat each other through a lens of grace and empathy rather than judgment, bias and assumptions. New and updated for this year!


Being & Thinking Like a Disciple

Littlejohn Home Ec Room

Review and rediscover what it means to embrace the call of Christ to be His disciple with Pastor Bob Moore. Through Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophecy, learn what an authentic disciple of Christ might look like in the 21st century and why the refocus on discipleship is essential to the growth of the Church.


Faith & Imagination

Evergreen Chapel

What role does imagination play in our faith and reasoning? What does the Bible reveal about imagination? How should Adventists relate to imagination? This seminar by Pastor Seth Pierce explores how faith and imagination work together.


Studying the Bible Inductively

Witzel Chapel

Marty Hix and LuAnne Larson from Creative Media Ministries will share how you can study the Bible inductively. Bring your Bible, something for notetaking, and a heart ready to learn!


Launching a "Simple Church" (Part 2)

Ad Building #11

60 percent of the US population is no longer willing to walk into a conventional church. Enter Simple Church, a growing network of house churches. Join Milton Adams for part 2 of CORE4 missionary training. Learn more at: 9:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 4 pm.


Becoming a Skillful Comforter

AAA Church Fireside Room

Too many people, wondering what to say or do, feel inadequate to truly come alongside and comfort the grieving. In this highly interactive workshop at 2:30 pm, Karen Nicola from Comfort for the Day will share how you can best support a broken-hearted family member, church member, or neighbor. You will be inspired to follow Jesus as you learn new skills to comfort and support those who mourn.

June 15-23, 2018


Held on the campus of
Auburn Adventist Academy
5000 Auburn Way South
Auburn, WA 98092