4 PM Workshops

4 pm Camp Meeting Workshops


Gospel of John

Ad Building #13

More than any Gospel, John shows us Jesus interacting with people one-on-one. In this class with Pastor Bill Roberts, we will look at Jesus as a person who at the same time felt emotions and experienced conflict and was fully God. This year’s class will cover John 10-17.


Israel in Bible Prophecy

Littlejohn Home Ec Room

The city of Jerusalem is made of the three major world religions — Christianity, Judaism, & Islam — who all consider Jerusalem a holy city. Come and learn with Pastor Scott Tyman how these major world religions fit into the stream of Bible Prophecy.


Postmodernism & Christianity

Evergreen Chapel

Often the term “postmodern” gets thrown around the church without any real nuanced definition. Where does it come from and how does it affect how we read the Bible, worship, or other expressions of faith? This seminar with Pastor Seth Pierce explores the challenges and blessings of postmodern thought in relation to their faith.


Ministering to Muslims

Witzel Chapel

Gerald Babanezhad from A Sure Harvest Ministries will present how you can minister to Muslims and find points of connection. This seminar will equip you for reaching out to Muslims, helping to fulfill the Gospel Commission. Learn the historical setting and perspective of Islam, the role of the Adventist Church in sharing the Three Angel’s Messages with Muslims, Muslim’s understanding of Seventh-day Adventists, practical ministry ideas and much more.


Digital Discipleship

Ad Building #7

Become a digital disciple on social media, blogs, websites, and live streaming with Felecia Datus from the Center for Online Evangelism. This is a continuing class at 9:30 am and 4 pm. Join any class session for a practical digital discipleship take-away.


Launching a "Simple Church" (Part 3)

Ad Building #11

Just as the Apostle Paul mentored others to become leaders and share the Gospel in their own spheres of influence, Simple Church strives to train leaders to continue this proven method of discipleship. Join Milton Adams for part 3 of CORE4 missionary training. Learn more at: 9:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 4 pm.


Fun with Guitar

Choir Room

Pastor Maylan Schurch is back to teach you the art of guitar playing. New and experienced guitarists can learn about playing and accompanying praises to God. Ages 10 and up are invited to bring an acoustic (non-electric, non-amplified) guitar and come learn together! Great for parents & kids!


Healthy Grieving

AAA Church Fireside Room

If your world has been impacted by the loss of friendship, life, or dreams, please join Karen Nicola from Comfort for the Day for a scripture-guided, supportive dialogue with shared stories, new insights to the grieving experience, and a path for healthy grieving. Discover God’s first step for healthy grieving and how to navigate through a season of grief. Each session builds on the previous one. Come find hope and healing!


June 15-23, 2018


Held on the campus of
Auburn Adventist Academy
5000 Auburn Way South
Auburn, WA 98092