9:30 AM Workshops

9:30 am Camp Meeting Workshops


Digital Discipleship

Ad Building #7

    Online missionaries or digital disciples fall into three categories: Content Creators, Content Distributors and Content Engagers. Felecia Datus from the Center for Online Evangelism will help you become a digital disciple on social media, blogs, websites, and live streaming. This is a continuing class at 9:30 am and 4 pm. Join any class session for a practical digital discipleship take-away.


Your Thinking hand

Littlejohn Home Ec Room

    Don't be intimidated by faulty thinking! Pastor Maylan Schurch teaches how you can use your fingers as memory devices to prepare you for any potentially divisive discussion you might face. You’ll gain thinking tools and tips on how to use them! Handouts provided.  


Launching a "Simple Church" (Part 1)

Ad Building #11

    Milton Adams from Simple Church Global Network will teach you everything you need to know about setting up a home church! This is a great way to reach secular and/or unchurched people. This is a 3-part training session at 9:30 am, 2:30 pm & 4 pm.


Reaching Out to Mormons

Ad Building #13

    Have you wondered how to best connect with your Mormon friends? Adventist Pastor Jason Canfield draws from his life experience growing up as a Mormon to share how you can connect, interact and share faith exchanges with your Mormon neighbors.


Sign Language & Deaf Culture 101

Choir Room

    Learn with Nohelani Jarnes about effectively using ASL, Deaf Culture, and Deaf Ministry within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Any Pathfinders and Pathfinder staff attending all classes will complete the Sign Language honor requirements.


Pay it Forward

Littlejohn Hall #2

    This is a hands-on service project with a chance to make a difference! Join Jodi Iwankiw and friends to fill blessing bags for the homeless, create cards for others, and more fun ways to share Jesus through service. Supplies provided. Bring any small toiletries and items for the blessing bags.


Forgive to Live

AAA Church

    Every one of us has a “grievance story” — a hurtful event perpetrated by someone who mattered in our lives. And for most of us, that hurt simply will not go away. Forgiveness is a big step! Dr. Dick Tibbits demonstrates that understanding and practicing forgiveness can literally save your life! This workshop, sponsored by Planned Giving, will benefit any age or life experience.


The Power of the Cross

Witzel Chapel

    The Power of the Cross is a series of Christ-centered messages that will help you see God with new eyes, in a way that will prevent backsliding and actually restore the backslider to Christ, and bring unity among the believers. Grant Agadjanian is well-known in our community for his presentations on ministering to Muslims. We’ve invited him to share more insights at this year’s camp meeting.


Discovering Christ’s Method

Evergreen Chapel

    How do we demonstrate “Christ’s method” in a practical way? Learn with instructor Josh Vazquez how every member can mirror Christ’s method and transform their church, community, and themselves through wellness coaching. Vazquez will present the Monday-Thursday sessions and Tyler Long will present the Friday session.


Nurturing & Protecting Your Children

Band Room

    Join David and Nitza Salazar as they discuss the worldly challenges youth encounter and ways parents and youth leaders can better understand how to nurture and care for children and youth. This popular training class will cover discussing human sexuality, addressing self-cutting, creating a social media family plan, building healthy self-esteem, and preventing sexting.


Great Grace, Great Relationships

AAA Church Fireside Room

    We constantly interact with people! By focusing on vibrant, relevant biblical principles, retired pastor Mike Ortel teaches how to get or keep our relationships to be fulfilling and exciting, where God designed them to be! Come grow your relationships the Bible way!


School Board Orientation

Littlejohn #1

    New and veteran school board members will learn tips on how to be a better board member, review the new NAD School Board Manual, and discuss current law and personnel issues with Craig Mattson. Roll-up your sleeves for a fresh vision for your school!


Fitness for Life

Rainier Auditorium

    Move your muscles during a fitness class with instructor Oscar Santana. Adults ages 16 and older are invited at 9:30 am to join a fun 75-minute exercise class where you’ll work your muscles with stretching, low-impact cardio, and strengthening moves. Please wear workout shoes and clothes, bring water, and a mat or thick towel for floor work.


June 15-23, 2018


Held on the campus of
Auburn Adventist Academy
5000 Auburn Way South
Auburn, WA 98092